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  1. JSTN231
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    3:53 lmao

  2. Mina _Pixels
    Mina _Pixels
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    I really like Ethan and Harry‘s friendship

  3. Wang Xiang
    Wang Xiang
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    JJ : nanii!!!

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    ksi is probably Adopted by a japan family

  5. Pablo Valenzuela
    Pablo Valenzuela
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    "It's a BLENDER it's not JESUS" :')

  6. Samiyah R
    Samiyah R
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    I loved that each groups energy was matched so well 😂😭

  7. Morgan Cortesi
    Morgan Cortesi
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    The way he said bologna hurt my soul😂

  8. Dante
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    I'm french and i've never eaten anything that looks like what Harry cooked lmao

  9. Ben Graves
    Ben Graves
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    I could cook most of those dishes at the age of 13. Many of them better. I think a great video series would be sidemen take cooking lessons. But instead of everyone in one class, break them up in small groups and send them to different classes and have them judge each other.

  10. Muhammed Raseen
    Muhammed Raseen
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    Let's take india

    1. Muhammed Raseen
      Muhammed Raseen
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  11. Jacinta Enright
    Jacinta Enright
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    JJ: I WANT RICE!!! While eating sushi

  12. Unknowngod YT
    Unknowngod YT
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  13. バンザンはギターを弾く
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    Vikks kitchens a paradise.

  14. Mr. 4ut
    Mr. 4ut
    2 ימים לפני🏆

  15. Mr. 4ut
    Mr. 4ut
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  16. Zhyen FY
    Zhyen FY
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    japanese aint look the same anymore after this

  17. 文化
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    0:50 TF??!?!? How is man 25% Japanese when he's 99% African

  18. dtukuafu namjoon
    dtukuafu namjoon
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    HARRY & ETHAN together... is just so fun to watch theyre a vibe pair them up more often please.

  19. dtukuafu namjoon
    dtukuafu namjoon
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    simon seems more annoyed with jj in every video lol

  20. Adelaide Deligios
    Adelaide Deligios
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    Josh could’ve make pizza

    1. MGElectro
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      which he did? lmao check 49:19 like wtf

  21. Ayaansh Pal
    Ayaansh Pal
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    53:34 lofi song going on

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    ksimon = axis powers from WWII

  23. Fredrik Angnero
    Fredrik Angnero
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    Harry: has a fire extinguisher in his hand. Logic:....... hmmm yes let’s blow on it

  24. rishybtw
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    i’m happy i know what dhal is

  25. Phantom sixth man
    Phantom sixth man
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    Josh trying hard to look young

  26. Ben Atroxx
    Ben Atroxx
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    Typical Germany Foods: Bratwurst with sausage, Klöße with Cooked Beans and small caroots and spargel its sso jummy

  27. JellyFace 21
    JellyFace 21
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  28. JellyFace 21
    JellyFace 21
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  29. Erik Panella
    Erik Panella
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    22 11

  30. Split_Chef
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  31. Joshua Fernandes
    Joshua Fernandes
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    ‘It’s a blender, not jesus.’- Harry, 2021😭

    1. music bacon
      music bacon
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      Lmao I was looking for this comment

  32. Arpan Alphonse Moktan
    Arpan Alphonse Moktan
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    Come on Vic, your serious going to cook Dal out of all the Indian dishes?🤦🏽

  33. Justin Andrei Sanidad
    Justin Andrei Sanidad
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    I dont think JJ is 25% Japanese. I think hes more of a glizzy gobler.

  34. Gaming Noob
    Gaming Noob
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    4:45 the fact that jj has his sleeve on his hand bc he is scared to get hit from the oil

  35. TheSmokedKoopa
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    JJ and Simon are the axis powers

  36. iHan Boi
    iHan Boi
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    JJ watch dragon ball and other anime... and don't even know what seaweed or Japanese word

  37. Zeeshan
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    57:12 "Not used to eating with my fingers like this" I'm disappointed at no comment from Vik

  38. Zeeshan
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    love how Josh is the only one being a stickler about following the rules of the video

  39. Mia lord
    Mia lord
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    Mine would of been Turkish I’m half Turkish so I’m 50% turkish

  40. Maxim Cautreels
    Maxim Cautreels
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    A qroque Madame is actually Belgian and qroque monsieur is both Belgian and france

  41. Anthony Rivera
    Anthony Rivera
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    jj looks like chunkz in the thumbnail

  42. Lucas Walles
    Lucas Walles
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    Harry, Tobi and Vik changing glass because it’s not for the right wine.. Switches over to Simon an josh trowing pizza dough.. 😂😂😂

  43. Aditya Jani
    Aditya Jani
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    Thats not dal man😂

  44. Idris190
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    42:58 am I the only one who got that joke 😂

  45. Zeeshan
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    Better to have tried and failed than to not try at all Except base jumping Lmfaoo Harry

  46. Kian d
    Kian d
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    Anyone else see the pizza box on the floor

  47. Ben Owen
    Ben Owen
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    JJ: Japanese Simon: German Josh: Italian *somethings wrong I can feel it*

    1. Roberto Orrego
      Roberto Orrego
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      Harry: French Ethan: English Just missing a Russian now: *A Wild Kon appears*

    2. Annu Sharma
      Annu Sharma
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      World war 3 Coming soon on sidemen Sunday Stay tuned

  48. Anirudh Nakarmi
    Anirudh Nakarmi
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    Jj is Japanese because his hair changes colour

    1. Abhishek Gusain
      Abhishek Gusain
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      Idk why this got 0 likes.

  49. ISBALLER10
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    simon could have poured the sausages in the water that would of made the process quicker

  50. IshchildTM Entertainment
    IshchildTM Entertainment
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    vikkstar was pissing me off

  51. Namarbabha Nongbri
    Namarbabha Nongbri
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    Vik is such a noobie at cooking. And his mother would be so disappointed in him wasting dal like that😂.

    1. Namarbabha Nongbri
      Namarbabha Nongbri
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      @Siddhant Chandak it was a joke. Geeze not everyone gets it it seems.

    2. Siddhant Chandak
      Siddhant Chandak
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      No, she won't, she ain't that cheap lol.

  52. Prince P
    Prince P
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  53. She_luvs_Nolan
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    3:55 NANI (WHAT). GIT ME DYING 😄

  54. XxFuntime WolfxX
    XxFuntime WolfxX
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    I'm 13 minutes into the vid as of typing this and harry seems pretty dam good at cooking

  55. Kevin Wong
    Kevin Wong
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    Must be nice to just give away 400 quid so casually haha I wanna live that life

  56. M N#1
    M N#1
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  57. yes bread
    yes bread
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    bruh how come simon didn't put any condiments on his hot dog

  58. avfc 69
    avfc 69
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    If Ethan doesn’t do the rock fingers he don’t like it 😂

  59. Ri Myx
    Ri Myx
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  60. Josh Gaming
    Josh Gaming
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    No Philippines: (

  61. Nuggies 0_0
    Nuggies 0_0
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    I would’ve drank that for a fiver

  62. Melton Trevino
    Melton Trevino
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    The swanky surgeon contrastingly place because france characteristically decorate besides a spectacular jeans. sore, dark caution

  63. Frida Asante
    Frida Asante
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    The fact that Henry ate the pounded yam makes me love him even more

  64. BallArtwork
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    23:43 *misses beans*

  65. Cem Beşli
    Cem Beşli
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    The next one have to be Turkish broooooooo çiğ köfte and iskender

  66. RealKezi
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    "its a blender its not JESUS" XDDD 12:09

  67. Karimyeye
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    I have no Idea in what universe Hot dogs are german.

  68. Spencer Pysz
    Spencer Pysz
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    Gil has no self confidence at all...

  69. Guido Vrieling
    Guido Vrieling
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    What part of hot dogs is German? 💀

  70. Reckless Bose
    Reckless Bose
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  71. zx knocks
    zx knocks
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    Nani means What also me what does JJ think Nani means?

  72. Ieuan Slocombe
    Ieuan Slocombe
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    12:04 thanks tobi just listened to the streets for about an hour 😂

  73. diva edwin
    diva edwin
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    Harry and Ethan seriously need to be teamed up for everything. I could literally watch them two on their own, doing anything 😂 they're my two faves 100%

  74. Stupid ity
    Stupid ity
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    JJ: Nani ✌️

  75. Big Bulbasaur
    Big Bulbasaur
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    Did not expect that from Harry and Ethan well done on the food

  76. Zizo Hussein
    Zizo Hussein
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    no its arigato gozaimas

  77. that sebenza guy
    that sebenza guy
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    No one gonna talk about how Harry has drug scales?

  78. Raphael plays games
    Raphael plays games
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    I think wagyu should not be oily

  79. Djdkekejejrj's main channel
    Djdkekejejrj's main channel
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    Verdammt schön zu wissen, dass Simon auch Deutsch in sich hat.

  80. no cap
    no cap
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    JJ: "naniii" Me: *I have no idea what to say😎*

  81. Gretchen  Wiza
    Gretchen Wiza
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    The puzzling glass mechanically mourn because vibraphone impressively exist towards a poised bridge. outgoing, symptomatic tea

  82. Calz
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    Harry with drug scales well that doesn’t surprise me

  83. Elijah Gomes
    Elijah Gomes
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    JJ is blasian

  84. RockHard23!!!!!!!
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    wtf did jj do to his fish

  85. henry wagg
    henry wagg
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    anyone notice how jj and Simon were first paired and they were japan and Germany the two main antagonists of WW2

  86. Alexander Miller
    Alexander Miller
    9 ימים לפני

    14:56 why is simon shaking a hot dog so funny to me

  87. Darshani Mangala
    Darshani Mangala
    9 ימים לפני

    Behzinga got that Ben Stokes/ Jhonny Bairstow look!

  88. VarDes
    9 ימים לפני

    uhhh Vikk, Indians don't call Kheema as Kimma it is called Kheema, it's not what just english ppl call it -_-

  89. Blue
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  90. TheRealDumbleDore
    9 ימים לפני

    In Germany we say: Ganz dünnes eis

  91. Mohd. Saqib
    Mohd. Saqib
    9 ימים לפני

    Qeema hi hota hai chutiye

  92. Dade Lynch
    Dade Lynch
    9 ימים לפני

    God damnit jj it's itadakimasu

  93. raeHQ :3
    raeHQ :3
    9 ימים לפני

    the funny thing is JJ was drunk thru the whole of the end of the video 💀😭

  94. sebflo
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    He ruined that wagyu 😂

  95. Derell Augustine
    Derell Augustine
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    23:30 yup🇹🇹

  96. Derell Augustine
    Derell Augustine
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    Of all words man said NANI!!!

  97. LOuis Louis
    LOuis Louis
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    The whispering grain philly bounce because direction gergely wait of a real bonsai. tightfisted, quixotic kevin

  98. salim elmakhloufi
    salim elmakhloufi
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    I was really expecting triggered Italians

  99. Taliya Rae
    Taliya Rae
    9 ימים לפני

    Harry: ‘140.0!’ Me: that was epic

  100. Ben Morrison
    Ben Morrison
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